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USAQUIM PRODUCTOS QUIMICOS INDUSTRIALES, is a company with more than 30 years of experience in supplying products and services for industrial cleaning.

With a specialized team of professionals and high-performance chemical products, USAQUIM guarantees successful projects tailored to each need with the smallest possible environmental footprint.


The beginning of the company dates back to 1987, the year in which Engineer Eulogio Castro Palacios together with his wife Isabel Peña de Castro founded the organization under the name Proquilima Ltda.

Second generation raid

For the year 2002, the second generation of the family actively ventures into the organization under the corporate name USAQUIMICOS SAS. This name would remain until 2013 and then adopt the name USAQUIM PRODUCTOS QUIMICOS INDUSTRIALES that we retain today.

More than

Years of Experience

Through years of experience in different projects and companies, Usaquim has designed new lines of business tailored to the specific needs of its client portfolio, promoting an environment of permanent improvement, promise of quality and commitment to the environment, thus demonstrating its positive evolution towards a new generation that is increasingly capable and innovative.


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